Progene DX LLC, is a contract research organization dedicated to the study of chronic, inflammatory disease (CIRS) and other related inflammatory diseases.

Progene DX's goal is to bring health to people suffering from diseases related to chronic inflammation.

We are a Delaware company and serve health care practitioners across the United States.

About Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Ritchie Shoemaker is a retired FP physician from Pocomoke, Maryland. He is married to JoAnn for 36 years; they have a daughter, Sally, age 34. Ritchie finished Duke University (BS Zoology) magna cum laude, 1973 and Duke Med School 1977. Following FP residency in Williamsport, Pa in 1980 he started his rural, solo FP career in Pocomoke in 1980.

His first exposure to biotoxin-associated illnesses began with the outbreak of Pfiesteria in the Pocomoke River in 1996. Fascinated with a "new" kind of disease, he has remained deeply involved with chronic inflammatory illnesses ever since.

He has written 10 books, published 40 papers, the last 12 with the co-founder of ProgeneDx, James Ryan, PhD. He has a trained over 100 physicians in his published protocols. He and Dr. Ryan were issued a US patent on CIRS 9/26/2017.

His second career brought him to testimony in over 200 cases as a medical expert; and interaction with multiple Federal and State agencies.

Ritchie has wide interests, from cooking to refinishing furniture, and from architecture to wetland construction