CIRS Assay

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This is our Patent-Applied-For CIRS genetic assay and comprehensive report. The report identifies the dysregulated genes (either expressing or not). This is more than a snapshot of genes and disease susceptibiliy. This assay provides real time information about what genes are doing and the status of disease.

This assay is for Research Use Only; it is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  1. This assay is being performed for Research Use Only; it is not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  2. This assay has been ordered by the patient’s physician or other health care professional who is licenced to practice in the United States and has medical malpractice insurance.
  3. This assay has no diagnosis, CPT or ICD-10 code and will not be acceptable for reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.
  4. The patient is aware that their health care provider will forward to Progene DX de-identified personal health information (by removing the patient’s name, address, SSN or any personally identifiable information as defined by HIPAA) including but not limited to environmental testing, diagnostic test results and cardiovascular studies. The patient is aware this information will be kept locked away from view of all others, with password protection for any and all information placed on a digital file.
  5. By ordering this assay, the client confirms they understand and agree with these terms and Progene DX’s full terms of service available at